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- Model GPS - Ultrasonic Level Sensor


GaugerGPS is a solution for sensing-in-motion. A typical application is the monitoring of diesel tanks on vehicular tankers. In this application GaugerGPS transmits periodic reports including LEVEL / VOLUME of Diesel (in liters or Gallons), LOCATION of tanker, and in addition: temperature, power supply status and cellular signal strength. GaugerGPS also transmits immediate alerts for specific predefined events.


  • Improve your productivity and lower your costs of fuel dispensing operations.
  • Identify and prevent costly illegitimate activities.
  • Visibility of your operations:
    • Where are the tanker vehicles? When did they depart in this morning?
    • Is a tanker at an authentic dispensing site? How much fuel is being dispensed there?

With GaugerNET map, view location of each tanker truck and updated diesel level information. GaugerNET indicates 'authorized dispensing locations' on the map, charts and tables.


GaugerGPS: A non-contact ultrasonic level sensor integrated with GPS receiver and with a GSM transmitter. Measures and reports level and volume and location. GPRS data is transmitted over a GSM cellular network. GaugerNET: Web monitoring application, presenting charts tables, maps, alerts, inventory and dispensing information. Optional e-mail alerts. No installation is required. Simple and friendly use. Username / Password for each end customer.

Sensor measurement range is up to 8m (26') and is fit for tanks between 300 liters and 10000 liters. Sealing rate is IP68 for bad weather and tough environment conditions including rain and dust.

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