- Vertical Air Tanks with Flat Bottom



This is the most suitable for air storage facility forms. That usually is due to their low cost and ease of installation directly on a concrete slab without any additional operation.

Vertical flat bottom tanks are built in SVR - GRP or SVR - GRP with a thermoplastic liner.

The design of the tanks in SVR - GRP is made on the basis of the European standard EN 13121-3.

Alternately in all standards

BS 4994; ASTM D 3299; ASTM D-4097; AD 2000 Merkblatt-N1; NF T57-900; ASMEX and ASME RTP-1.

Generally, SVR – GRP tanks are with a RCMP or CRP roof shape, but according to the project or application they can be with:

  • A flat sloping bottom
  • A flat roof or a partial roof
  • A conical roof
  • Roofless.

The shell is made by filament winding process, funds and accessories by contact molding in or projection.

The standard volumes range from 1 to 200 m³. On request we can provide greater volume tanks.

The maximum achievable diameter is of Ø 6000mm

Vertical flat bottomed tanks are placed on concrete pedestals made by the customer.

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