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- Model Anotop Plus - Syringe Filters – Prefilter, Non-Sterile



Whatman Anotop Plus non-sterile syringe filters from GE have an integrated glass microfiber prefilter and inorganic membrane, enabling filtration of a wide variety of sample solvents and compounds. Capillary pore structure for well-defined particle filtration. Low protein binding filter for applications requiring high protein recovery. Integrated glass microfiber prefilter for filtering larger volumes of difficult-to-filter samples.

GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business also offers sterile Anotop Plus syringe filters.

Anotop Plus Syringe Filters for Challenging Samples

High solid content samples can be difficult to filter because of their tendency to prematurely clog a single membrane filter. Each Anotop Plus syringe filter includes a glass prefilter designed to separate difficult, hard-to-filter samples without adversely affecting the filtration efficiency of the final membrane.

Inclusion of a prefilter can eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming sequential filtration. Whatman Anotop Plus filters can be used with most organic solvents and aqueous materials and are suitable for sample volumes up to 100 ml. They come in two diameters and three pore sizes.

Applications for Filters with Integrated Prefilter

Common applications for Anotop Plus syringe filters include sample preparation prior to capillary electrophoresis or HPLC/UHPLC, as well as filtration of nanoparticles.

Looking for a filter paper, membrane filter, or syringe filter? Let GE help you find the optimal filter for your needs to ensure reliable analysis.

  • Parameter : Anotop Plus 10 mm Syringe Filter, 0.02 µm, with glass microfiber prefilter (50 pcs)
  • Filtration Media : Proprietary alumina based Anopore membrane
  • Prefilter Material : Glass Microfiber (binderless)
  • Sterility : Non-sterile
  • Inlet Connector : Female luer lock
  • Outlet Connector : Male luer
  • Housing : Polypropylene (PP)
  • Filtration Area : 0.78 cm²
  • Operating Pressure Max. : 6.9 bar (100 psi)
  • Dimensions : 15.4 x 18.5 mm
  • Membrane Thickness Avg. : 60 µm
  • Cytotoxicity : Non-cytotoxic
  • Extractable Materials : Low
  • Protein Adsorption : Medium/high
  • Construction Process : Thermal weld
  • Device Shape : Hexagonal

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