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Gealog FTP - Internet Access for Hydrometeorological Measuring Stations


The ever increasing range of duties of hydrological and meteorological services, consulting engineers and other organisations working on environmental monitoring as well as the high pressure on costs are demanding a high grade of automation on the data transfer from the measuring site to the network centre. Logotronic has now responded to this challenge by presenting the new product 'Gealog ftp'. The Gealog ftp line of products consists of easy to operate and easy to install interface modules, which are the link between hydrometeorological sensors and the wireless GPRS network, facilitating extremely cheap on-line data transfer to the network centre via the Internet. The big advantage is not only the instant availability of the measuring values, but also the continuous monitoring of the technical status of the measuring station. The number of site-visits can be reduced, having simultaneously a higher data availability.

As ever we took special care on the following product features during the design of Gealog ftp:

  • Robustness
  • Flexibility due to modularity
  • No compromises regarding the operation outdoor at extreme locations
  • Long lifetime

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