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Gealog Radar Water Level Sensors


The Gealog Radar Water Level Sensors are especially suited for all applications requiring a high reliable measurement of water level. It measures the water level by the radar principle. This means a method without physical contact between the media (water) and the measuring instrument. Radar pulses are sent out and the reflection from the water surface is received with a specific time delay. This time delay corresponds to the distance between radar antenna and water surface. It is proper for being installed onto bridges or similar constructions. The Gealog Radar Water Level Sensor can be directly connected to Gealog dataloggers by the Gealog-RS485-Fieldbus. The measured values are transferred via this serial interface. The cable length can be up to app. 1 kilometres long. All inputs of the Gealog Radar Water Level Sensor are protected against overvoltages.

  • Measuring parameter: water level
  • Measuring range: 0 to 60 m
  • Resolution: 15 mm
  • Measuring uncertainty:
    • Range 0 to 2 m: 40 mm
    • Range 2 m to 60 m: 15 mm

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