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Gealog Radio Modem for Radio Data Transfer


The Gealog Radio Modem 1200 is a high performance modem for radio data transfer. The Gealog Radio Modem is a modem unit to connect Gealog dataloggers via the serial RS232-interface to standard radio units via the audio-interface. The unit can operate both as standard radio modem and as a radio repeater unit. Both functionalities can be used by one modem simultaneously. So measuring stations can also act as repeater stations.

Interface lines to radio-unit

  • PTT (Push to Talk)
  • Squelch
  • Receive-audio signal
  • Transmit-audio signal

Technical features

  • High sophisticated adressing scheme for all network topologies
  • Transfer speed: 1200 Bd
  • Power supply: 12 V DC (station battery)
  • Operation both as station modem and as radio repeater (store and forward)
  • Optional the radio modem can be equipped with digital inputs and outputs for standalone-applications without datalogger. For simple signalling and control applications.

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