Harvest Clean

- Model 4 - Optional Extras


Harvest Clean also offer design and manfucture of the following optional extras to Gebert 4 grain cleaner : Harvest Clean “Scalping” conversion system. The new GEBERT 4 Air System can be ordered, designed to remove light weight materials prior to the screening rotors. The Air System is a suction system that draws material away as it falls from the GEBERT 4's distribution box. Screens for all grains can be manufactured to ensure maximum returns. These screens cover crops including barley, canola and many types of lupins and peas. The GEBERT 4 is supplied complete with wheat screens. Roll Tarp Conversion system (for both field bin and grain screening chamber containment). Automatic engine turnoff system for Gebert 4 (and all other grain cleaning machines). The Harvest Clean “Bin lighting“ system.

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