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NEW INSECT DETECTOR is a shock-proof plastic device to effectively monitor the presence of cockroaches without therisks connected to the use of carton glued boards. NEW INSECT DETECTOR hosts a replaceable glued board on the bottom. The lure, made of a mixture of edible substances, fits into a specific separated slot therefore the glued board can be replaced without having to replace the lure too. The lure is effective on allcockroach species commonly present in our environments. The structure of NEW INSECT DETECTOR (cm 19 x 12,8 x 2 h) allows to protect the glued board from washing waters and from dust. This is particularly useful in slaughter houses, dairy plants, fisheries, cooking centres and food-processing plants.

This device allows to protect cockroach gel baits from washing waters, dust and contamination with other chemical substances such as detergents. Thanks to its small dimensions (diameter 6 cm, heig ht 1.5 cm) it can beplaced in narrow spaces and the bi-adhesive tape underneath makes it fixable both to horizontal and to vertical surfaces. An easy closing system makes the gel accessible or inaccessible.


  • NEW INSECT DETECTOR is available in 36-unit cartons
  • The kit for NEW INSECT DETECTOR, consisting of glue d boards and lures, is available in 100-unit cartons.
  • GEL BAIT DISPENSER is available in 100-unit cartons

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