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Genan only runs large plants with a very high product flows. This, together with the unique technology, ensures extremely consistent and uniform products. The customer simply knows exactly what he is getting, and the quality will be on the same high level delivery after delivery. Recycled rubber powder and granulate from Genan are free from contaminants, only contain an insignificant amount of dust and on all sizes smaller than our largest granulate (Super Coarse) we issue a guarantee of less than 100 grams of impurities per tonne, with a typical value of 50 grams of impurities per tonne.

As the configuration of a Genan recycling plant is very flexible, all sizes of rubber powder and granulate can be produced in case of special orders. Normally the rubber granulate is produced ambient but in case of special orders we are also able to make rubber powder below 0.8 mm using a cryogenic method.

Product name: GENAN Rubber granulate

  • Type: FINE
  • Revised: March 2014
  • Product description: Free flowing homogenous and uniform black rubber granulate derived from specified source material
  • Production process: Granulation
  • Source material: End-of-life tyres

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