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- Model Tube XS (Medical) - Air Purification System


The GenanoTube XS (Medical) is an air purification device, based on a unique and patented technology. With this unique technology even the smallest impurities can be filtered out of the air like on the one hand viruses, bacteria, prions, spores and animal substances and on the other hand inorganic particles like soot, originating from the traffic. These are ultrafine particles which are only recently recognized as a health risk, since they penetrate easily by means of the air respiratory system into in the vascular system. Fine particles are in many cases the cause of heart and vascular diseases, cancer and even premature dead. GENANO air purification systems use no fiber filters which can form a medium for microbes. The technology is optionally equipped with filter material to remove gas, such as toxic traffic gasses and ozone. The GenanoTube XS (Medical) has been extensively tested.

The GenanoTube XS (Medical) can be used as well as a stand-alone device or can be incorporated in an existing ventilation system.

Use: Indoor
Size: 990 mm length, 200 mm diameter
Weight: ca. 15 kg
Chassis: Galvanized steel, colored
Capacity: 100 – 650 m³ / h
Voltage: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power: max. 140 W
Typical air purification efficiency: H10 – 99,9 %
Purification range: > 0,001 μm
Temperature: 0 - +40 °C
Relative Humidity: 0 – 90 %
Installation: Hanging from the ceiling; vertical or horizontal to the wall
Service: Installation Is Done By Genano Qualified Personnel Service Is Done By Genano Qualified Personnel Or Trained Staff

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