- Anti-Algae Tensioned Cover for Water Reservoirs



In addition to floating covers we also supply tensioned covers. This type of cover also prevents the water from becoming contaminated due to algae growth or from dirt blowing in such as leaves, sand or twigs. The tensioned cover is made from black HDPE woven fabric, which is called Genatex® 1000 and which is fitted with an open edge around the sides for fitting a greenhouse tube *) or heating pipe*) into the edge. The cover is tensioned using a tape with ratchet strap, secured to an anchoring post*) in the toe of the dike. Generally used for reservoirs with a width of up to 20 metres.

  • Suitable for both straight and sloping reservoirs up to 20 metres wide
  • Compact transport volume
  • Single-piece sizes possible up to 2000 m2
  • Supplied including installation materials and technical manual
  • Very easy to install without the need for special tools
  • Suitable for covering every type of horticultural water storage system
  • Water permeable
  • Maximum reduction in algae growth by almost 100% light exclusion from the reservoir
  • Low maintenance
  • High UV-resistance.

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