Genap B.V.

- Durable Floating Cover for Water Reservoirs



The Genafloat is a long-lasting floating cover for water reservoirs which prevents algae growth. The cover is made from Aquatex-'EX. a high-grade polyolefin foil. The cover provides a high degree of protection for the water against (sun) light and therefore prevents the growth of algae. The Genafloat also prevents wave formation and evaporation from occurring in the reservoir.

The Genafloat is made from a sheet that has a water-filled buoyancy tube (PE) edge. The cover's own buoyancy is increased in order to offer increased resistance against overburden from dirt for example; the buoyancy tube provides the buoyancy and the ballast as a barrier against the wind.

The cover contains small holes for rainwater drainage. It is positioned/centred in the reservoir using elastic cords that are anchored into the crest of the dike using stakes. The cover has the shape of the bottom of the reservoir and moves along with the change in the water level.

The Genafloat is preferably used on excavated rainwater storage reservoirs.

  • Prevents algae growth
  • Reduces evaporation; increased yield
  • Reduces wave formation; higher water levels possible
  • No deposits of growth on the smooth foil
  • Quick and easy to fit
  • Low maintenance

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