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- Bottom Seals for Tank Terminals



Bottom proteclion is used when one is working wilh hazardous substances lhat can be harmful lo the environment. In the petrochemical industry liquid-proof geomembrane structures are often fitted underneath storage tanks. Genap has installed these liquid-proof geomembrane structures for a range of national and international clients. Generally a 2mm HOPE geomembrane is used, however, the 100% oil-resistant material Genatex 1150XR is quickly gaining favour.

  • the material is resistant to crude oil and kerosene, unlike HDPE which has less resistance;
  • the 1mm thick material is fitted with reinforcement and can be folded;
  • the material can be prefabricated into large sheets or into complete bottom seals (consecutively up to 2500m2);
  • the geomembrane structure can often be installed within one day;
  • very low thermal expansion (22x lower than HDPE) which means creasing occurs less quickly.

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