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- Model PW 500 - Fully Automated Westcapper



The PW-500 Westcapper is a fully automated capper using 3 spinning rollers as the sealing mechanism. The outer skin of the PW-500 is made of aluminum. The hoppering system uses a turning disk to select caps and transfer them to the chute and the cap feed. As the starwheel indexes, the stoppered vials pass under the cap feed, pick a cap and vials progress to the sealing area. The adjustable spring loaded vial rest and a fixed pressure block compress the stopper while the skirt of the cap is reformed under the locking finish of the vial. The three spinning rollers roll the skirt into place. The starwheel now indexes the vial onto the discharge conveyor. Vial flow is from left to right. Rolling casters are standard, with stationary legs available as an option. Depending on vial size, the capper has a maximum variable speed of 120 vials per minute. The OSHA compliant safety enclosure is wired to alarm and shut down the capper whenever it is opened during operation.

Conveyor Options

  • Standard conveyors are 18 inches each direction from centerline.
  • Optional 15 inch extensions can be added to standard conveyor.
  • Up to 1 extension on infeed./li>
  • Up to 2 extensions on discharge.

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