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- Highly Flexible Liquid Handling System



The use of the GeneTheatre greatly simplifies all pending pipettingtasks in a laboratory and allows for full automation. In addition to microplate handling, this highly flexible workstation also accommodates the use of strips, single vessels and glass slides. Users may choose from 12 freely selctable deck positions in the standard-format SBS, making it easy to adjust the system to any conceivable application. The GeneTheatre is also perfectly suited for the use of thermal shakers, heating or cooling plates and vacuum stations. In addition, the GeneTheatre can also be adapted to specific applications. Single and 8-channel pipettes are available. A simple mechanism allows users to change pipettes without tools — an effortless process requiring no technical expertise.

Highly precise, fully variable workstation

Thanks to its various pipettes and tips, the volume capacity of the GeneTheatre ranges from 0.5 to 1000 μl. Pipetting results - even for complex liquid handling tasks - are highly consistent and precise. Users may also integrate new plastic products into the software in only a few steps, with the calibration wizard and modern servomotors simplifying the learning process of the robot and omitting the time-consumingprocess of entering coordinates. A large range of different adapters and passive cooling blocks makes it possible to position the necessary consumables directly on the working deck of the device.

The closed housing and two-piece, front sliding door all but eliminates potential contamination. In the event that contamination does arise, however, the optional available UV lamp allows users to decontaminate the unit quickly and easily.

Automated pipetting routines: easy and fast

  • Closed, robust plexiglass housing with a front sliding door
  • Modern servomotors provide fast, quiet operation
  • Highly effective decontamination with the optional available UV lamp
  • Users may select from different waste box systems for used tips
  • Highly flexible and compact liquid handling benchtop system
  • Reproducible, highly precise pipetting and dispensing results
  • Interchangeable pipettes with 1- or 8-channels Volume ranges from 0.5 up to 1000 μl
  • Free definable sample configuration within the 9 mm, 4.5 mm or 2.25 mm grid
  • 12 freely selectable positions in SBS standard-format
  • Accommodates use of external accessories, such as thermal shakers or vacuum chambers


Different applications require different numbers of tips, which is why the GeneTheatre offers two different waste box systems. That allows the user to choose whether used tips are discarded into a box on the deck or into commercially available refuse bags outside the housing. In this context it is possible to save valuable Space on the deck.

  • Weight: ca. 40 kg
  • Positions: 12
  • Pipetting Channels: 1 or 8 channel pipette
  • Plate Formats: SBS-format
  • Operating System: Windows XP (or higher)
  • Hard Drive: 20 MB
  • RAM:
  • Footprint (W x D in mm): 642 x 607
  • Height (mm): 459

Intuitive and clearly structured software

The GeneTheatre operating system uses a clearly structured, easy-to-learn user interface. With Drag & drop and the use of predefined pipetting and dispensing parameters different routines are set up quickly.

Adjustable influencing factors such as pipetting speed allow optimal handling for various types of liquids.

Saved procedures can always be used again and be adjusted to different sample throughput rates.

Use in a great variety of application areas
Thanks to its many versatile features, the GeneTheatre can be used in virtually any application, such as:

  • Preparing whole PCR and real-time PCR batches
  • Reformatting microplates in the 96 and 384 format
  • Dispensing or distributing reagents
  • Running automated dilution series
  • Hit-picking and sample pooling
  • Running microarray applications with freely selectable spot layouts and dots (starting at 0.5 μl)
  • Performing mother-daughter plate transfers and single-tube transfers (0.2 – 2.0 ml)

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