QuantumFlo, Inc.

QuantumFlo, Inc.

- Model V - Multistage Stacked Pumps


Genius V systems are highly compact, featuring multi-stage stacked pumps and enclosed panel-mounted variable frequency drives. All Genius V systems come complete with our award-winning variable speed pressure control software iQFlo, with GreenFlo ASHRAE/ANSI/IES Standard 90.1 compliant low-flow energy optimization algorithm.

  • 304 Stainless Steel Frame and Headers
  • Glycerin-Filled Suction/Discharge Gauges
  • 256 Color Touch Screen with Alarm Log File
  • Compact Design (Most Fit Through a 36' Doorway)
  • Long Service Life and Simple to Maintain
  • ASHRAE 90.1 Compliance with Logic – No Remote Sensors Needed
  • 304 S.S. Multi-Stage, High-Head Pumps
  • Grooved-End or Flanged-End Connections
  • Variable Speed Drive Control – NO PRV's
  • Factory-Tested and Pre-Set to Site Conditions

QuantumFlo stands apart from competitors with products that are easy to size, price and submit.

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