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Geological Service


Successful site planning and engineering design begins with competent assessment of the underlying geologic conditions that can affect the design, safety, effectiveness, and cost of a proposed project. The engineering geologists at SAGE combine their geologic expertise with decades of experience working with geotechnical, civil, and structural engineers to address the geologic conditions and hazards unique to every project site. We routinely characterize geologic and seismic hazards on both regional and site-specific scales, define the risk(s) associated with them, and develop recommendations to manage or mitigate them to an acceptable level. Our range of geological services extends far beyond ordinary subsurface investigations and site characterization. From landslide mapping and earthquake fault studies to evaluating rockfall impacts to proposed and existing facilities, we routinely apply our geologic skills and experience to a variety of challenging projects and environments.

SAGE Geological Services include:

  • Geologic & Seismic Hazard Assessments for:
    • Facility siting & utility corridor routing
    • General site development
  • Earthquake Fault Activity Evaluation
  • Earthquake Fault Ground Rupture & Setbacks
  • Landslide Susceptibility, Evaluation, Instrumentation, & Monitoring
  • Rock Slope Stability & Reinforcement
  • Rockfall Evaluation, Protection, & Catchment
  • Coastal & Stream Bluff Erosion Studies
  • Naturally Occurring Asbestos Assessment
  • Post Fire Debris Flow Assessment & Mitigation

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