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- Model G858 Mag - Cesium Vapor Magnetometer


The G-858 MagMapper uses a graphical interface to make survey design and data acquisition quick and efficient. Various modes of operation allow the user to custom design a survey grid for their particular needs. The operator also has the ability to view his/her position on the grid and the current data profile during the survey. Sensitivity, resolution, and recording rate of the cesium magnetometer are user selectable.

G-858 data acquisition offers either continuous or discrete station recording. The high sampling rate of the instrument in continuous mode allows the operator to survey an area at a fast walking pace. A wider search radius can be achieved by using a gradiometer configuration. As a result, over-all costs are inherently lower while data quality remains high.

  • in-field coordinate mapping system
  • high sensitivity: detects single drum at 3m
  • Immediate User Feeback: display coordinate grid, survey direction and 5 stacked profiles of mag data
  • easy to use: produce hard-copy maps within minutes of connection to PC
  • options: symultaneous vertical or horizontal gradiometer, GPS positioning, target analysis software

The G-858 MagMapper system comprises a belt-mounted display/logging console connected to a cesium sensor mounted on a handheld counterbalanced staff. The console contains electronics to acquire magnetic field data with position and display it on an LCD screen for review and edit. The console stores high volumes of data in memory. Following the survey the data is transmitted at high speed to a processing computer for detailed analysis.

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