- Wireless Assessment and Training Checker or Watcher



The Geophone — Wireless Assessment and Training Checker or Watcher — is designed for hands-on hazardous or gas emergency training. The Watcher utilizes a Bluetooth enabled tablet to wirelessly control specially adapted portable gas detectors from GMI to simulate actual situations with the equipment . Complete gas detector operation can be controlled remotely. This invaluable accessory is simple to use and can be used for all types of training and assessment to ensure personnel respond correctly in all aspects of gas detection.

The Heath Geophone water leak detector accurately locates underground leaks, both water and steam, eliminating costly and time-consuming excavation.

The Geophone is entirely mechanical and operates on the seismograph principle. It is extremely sensitive, not only to vibration, but to variations in vibrations. An experienced Geophone operator can even determine the size of a leak with this highly accurate, yet inexpensive instrument.

Many industrial plants, water departments, and swimming pool contractors are successfully using the Geophone to pinpoint underground water leaks.

Operating Information
The Geophone’s highly sensitive “earphones” are placed on the ground and sound vibrations are picked up, amplified by the instrument, and transmitted to the headset. The slightest trickle can be heard and tracked down by merely moving the device up and down a street or by following the line of a house’s water pipe until the spot is reached where a sound is the loudest.

  • Extremely sensitive and responsive
  • Sensors permit exact centering of
  • leak after detection
  • Inexpensive and easy to use
  • Cost of exploratory excavations
  • are reduced
  • Rugged enough to stand abuse
  • Comes with convenient plastic case

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