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These high strength, porous tubes are used to dewater the sediment pumped by the GeoPro Microdredge, Mudcat 40E or the Dragflow pump. This economical low energy sludge drying system can be used to dewater a variety of municipal contaminated and industrial sediments. Their purpose is to contain the pumped solids while quickly releasing filtrate water. They are usually situated in a prescribed laydown area which directs the filtrate back to the water body or convenient sump.

We hold a variety of sizes in stock and custom sizes are available on request.

Chemistry is the key element to getting the tubes to work efficiently especially with organic sediments such as WWTP sludges. Determining the right polymer and the dosing is vital. Too little and the tube takes too long to dewater, too much and you risk blinding the tube.

We can support you by providing the following: -

  • Advice on polymer dosing equipment
  • In-house testing of your sludge/slurry
  • Sizing of tubes and quantity estimates
  • Assistance with the sizing and design of your tube laydown area.

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