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The GFT Hard Core Floor is the ideal system for new crop storage buildings. This concrete drive-over ventilated floor may form the primary floor in a new building, or in a building where only an earth floor previously existed - creating a durable, efficient and flexible crop drying floor.

The GFT Hard Core Floor System is designed to be cast ‘in-situ’, directly onto a well consolidated stone base, made up of a minimum depth of 6” (152mm) of material suitable for the specific site conditions.

Before the installation of the GFT Hard Core Floor System begins, concrete plinths are cast within the consolidated stone base to form the concrete walkway inside the main air duct, the concrete base(s) to the clean out channel(s) at the side(s) of the building and intermediate plinths, for locating the roadformers whilst casting the GFT Floor System.

The finished drying floor system has an overall depth of 10” (254mm), and casting takes place in 4’-0” (1.22 metres) wide bays up to a maximum length of 60’-0” (18.29 metres) on either one, or both, sides of the main air duct. As a guide, the quantity of ready-mixed concrete required is approximately equivalent to casting a 6” (152mm) thick solid concrete floor over the same floor area. 

The on-site casting of the “GFT KIT” means that the installation may be carried out by a local builder, ensuring the most cost-effective form of construction, and initial on site assistance by a GFT operative, is available if required.

You may wish to refer to the cost structure below to obtain a guide price for the “GFT KIT” for your specific project. Alternatively, if you would rather receive a more detailed quotation, please contact GFT for further assistance or to arrange a site visit.

The “GFT KIT” price includes for the hire of the specialist equipment* to cast the GFT Floor System, for the supply of the materials** required, excluding the ready-mixed concrete, and for delivery and collection to sites within the UK Mainland. All prices quoted exclude VAT.

Initial on site assistance by a GFT operative is available at an additional cost, if required.

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