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Model GFTS 12L - 15L - Tank Safety Shower



Manufactured from Glass Reinforced Plastic and Stainless Steel which are corrosion resistant materials, giving a long life, and suitability for outside use. Designed to be highly visible for ease of identification. These units are ideal for areas where there is no water supply; interrupted water supply; low water pressure to guarantee correct flow rate or a tepid water supply. Suitable for non hazardous or hazardous areas. ATEX or GOST certified. Electrical power requirement (If required) is 220-240v or 110-120v 1Ph 50-60Hz Suitable for temperatures ranging from -40 deg C to +40 deg C Available in Green, yellow or white. Green being standard.

Green pre-insulated, sealed tank ( 12-1500 Litres)
2x 3/4” brass ball float valves & 6” plastic floats suitable for 2-10Bar water supply pressure. (Low Pressure valves also available)
Screened overflow (40mm)
Screened vent
304 stainless frame, Linkages and fastenings
Stainless valves
Stainless panic bar for extra security and operation (foot operation available as option)
Stainless testing lever
Removable lifting/positioning lugs
Inspection hatches for maintenance purposes
1” BSPM inlet (other sized inlets available including flanged & NPT)
Overhead ABS rose (75 LPM)
Meets ANSI Z358.1-2009 standards
Insulated lid
All applicable Safety signs with green & white stripes


GFTS12L 316 - As above and manufactured from 316 stainless frame.
GFTS12LM 316 - As above and manufactured from 316 stainless frame
suitable for extreme conditions. Tested for horizontal load 0.61G & vertical load 0.44G

Optional Extras

Water Heater pads & stat
Flexible eyewash
Various alarms (local & remote)
Alarm & Siren
Spring Loaded doors
Side & rear Panels
Shower Foot Platform
Drain Sump(2” Outlet)
Strip Curtain
Temperature Gauge
Water level indicator
Manual Drain valve
EB Foot treadle
Water Chiller
Sun Canopy
Drain Sump pump

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