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- Model AB-2R - Alarm Box AC Power with Relay



The ALARM PANEL BOX takes inputs from float switches or other contact closures and singals the event with a bright flashing 360-degree beacon LED and very loud buzzer.

  • Flashing beacon light is bright enough to be visible in daylight.
  • Loud warbling tone cuts through the loudest industrial noise.
  • Rugged. Built for rough, wet and corrosive environments. Washdown duty.
  • Always on duty because it uses uninteruptible battery power.
  • Illuminated push button indicates power present.
  • Compact - box measures only 4 x 4 x 2 inches.
  • Relay Ouput - 15A relay controls pumps to 1 HP.


THE ALARM BOX WITH RELAY takes a contact closure from sensing devices such as a float switch, reed switch, or limit switch, and turns it into an audio and visual alarm that can't be ignored.

  • When a contact closes the pushbutton illuminates, the beacon flashes, and the audio buzzer sounds. The button isilences the audio buzzer while the beacon light continues to flash as a reminder until the alarm condition is corrected. Resets automatically for the next alarm.
  • A 'snooze-alarm' mode repeats the buzzer output every 30 minutes if desired.
  • Pushbutton tests the circuit when unit is not actively alarming.
  • Illuminated push-button confirms that power is present.
  • Level control mode will turn a pump on and off to regulate liquid level between two points using the 15A relay option.

Simply connect to your sensor with contact close and plug in the power cord.

  • Enclosure : PVC, NEMA4X / IP65
  • Relay chatter time delay: : 500 msec
  • Relay mode : selectable N.O or N.C.
  • Cord grip : PG11, Nylon
  • Relay : SPDT, 15A up to 277VAC
  • Power cord jacket : SJOOW
  • Power cord conductors : 12 AWG
  • Communications cable : PVC jacket 0.032' thickness
  • Communications cable : 8 x 24 AWG conductors
  • Beaon lens : polycarbonate
  • Beacon LED : 40mA while strobing
  • Buzzer volume : 103db @ 2 ft
  • Push button : 5mA LED

AB-R2 Same capabilities as above but runs from AC power. Piggyback cord.

AB-R3 Same capabilities as above but has a standard plug (NEMA 5-15P) and receptacle instead of piggyback cord. This also allows use for European and other cords. Please contact us for pricing on foreign cords.

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