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- Model D-55G & DX-55G - Drum Suction Pipe



The DRUM SUCTION PIPE ensures that chemical is drawn from the bottom of your drum to eliminate suction of air caused by faulty tubing. Flow is visible through the convenient flow indicator.


FEEDING CHEMICALS FROM DRUMS is often done by running the plastic tube connected to a dosing pump into the drum. This can lead to problems such as the tubing getting accidentally pulled out of the chemical, and the tubing always wants to curl - which means it doesn't willingly reach to the bottom of the drum unless weights are used. These weights can introduce their own set of problems - even if they don't corrode, they can fall off. Of course you get no warning when this happens.

The Drum Suction Pipe, pickup tube, or draw tube, solves all of these problems:

  • The rigid polypropylene pipe can be adjusted so it always reaches to the bottom of your drum for perfect flow without pumps becoming air locked.
  • Drums are pumped out completely which will reducing wasted residual chemical.
  • There is a built-in suction screen to keep particles/debris/crystals out of your pump. This screen is replacable.
  • Included comporession fitting accomodates any tubing size.
  • Built-in acrylic flow indicator lets you conveniently monitor the flow.
  • Optional check valve installs easily.

Choice of drum plug so it can mount on any drum.

  • Pipe Depth: 35 inches
  • Pipe diameter: 3/4' sch 80 (1.06 inch O.D.)
  • Pipe material: polypropylene
  • Flowmeter ball: silica galss
  • Weight without: 181g
  • Drum Plug material: PVC (type 1)
  • Drum Plug Thread size: 2' N.P.S.
  • Drum Plug Gasket material: Buna rubber
  • Thumbscrew: 18-8 stainless steel thread

  • Aqueous Ammonia (conc.)
  • Aqueous solutions to 100°C
  • Hydrochloric acid (conc.)
  • Nitric acid (30%)
  • Oils (including waste oils)
  • Potassium carbonate (40%)
  • Soap solution.
  • Sodium hydroxide (50%)
  • Sulfuric acid 70%
  • Sodium Hypochlorite

The following are not compatible with the acrylic flowmeter:

  • Sulfuric Acid 98%
  • Lactic acid
  • Ketones

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