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- Model LC-2 - Liquid Level Controller



The Liquid Level Controller turns pumps on and off to automatically fill a tank or empty a tank. One of the float switches starts your pump. When the level reaches the other float switch, it stops the pumping. Built-in level alarm to detect pump failure. Switchable between pump-up or pump-down applications.

  • Emergency High Level Alarm in case the level overfills, a separate float switch dedicated to over.
  • Loud 103dB warbling tone cuts through the loudest industrial noise.
  • Rugged. Built for rough, wet and corrosive environments. NEMA 4X rating.
  • Reliable. Floats are protected inside a pipe and completely screened in.
  • High capacity. 15A relay will control up to 1/2 HP @ 120V.
  • Adjustable depth. Both floats can be adjusted without tools.
  • Easy installation with a piggyback plug. Just plug in your pump.
  • Versatile. Switch between pump-down or pump-up operation.
  • Independently adjustable float depths.


Automatic tank filling...

The pump-down controller will automatically cycle your pump to keep your tank filled. When the liquid level drops to the bottom float switch, the LC-2 Pump Controller turns on your pump to fill the tank. When the liquid level rises to the high level float, the relay opens to shut off your pump. The cycle repeats automatically as needed to properly maintain your liquid level.

The liquid level controller can easily work the opposite way as a pump-down controller to empty tanks by removing a jumper on the circuit board.

Emergency Level Alarm Included

If there is a problem that causes the liquid level to rise above the high level-control float, a third 'emergency' float causes an alarm with a flashing beacon LED and loud warbling buzzer that can be heard through any industrial plant noise. The emergency alarm float is also a redundant relay shutoff.

The audio buzzer has a silence button that with a 30 minute snooze alarm if desired so the alarm won't be forgotten.


The Pump Controller is designed to be quickly installed and working in a few minutes with no tools. Simply mount it on your tank and adjust the depth of the high and low float with the thumb screws. It comes with a convenient piggyback plug so you can simply plug in your pump directly. No hard wiring needed. Each pipe has an up or down adjustment of 6 inches. The high level pipe is 7 inches long and can be mounted from 2-7 inches below the threaded plug. The low level foat is selectable in 10 inch increments. A 10 inch long low float can be adjusted from 2-20 inches.


There are many options to make this suitable for your application, wireless transmitters, various mounting adapters, screens to protect the floats in dirty liquids, different materials of construction. Please inquire if you don't see exactly what you require.

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