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- Model PFA-5 and PFA-6 - Power Fail Alarm



The Power Out Alarm guarantees your device is getting power. If the power goes out, it alerts with a loud beeping sound and flashing LED. Can be used with any voltage or plug up to 265VAC.

  • Always on duty - ultra-low power consumption allows Lithium battery to last for 10 years or more.
  • Fail safe plug detection. Alarms if your plug comes out of the receptacle!
  • Very loud alarm. 103dB! Irregular pattern is easily noticed.
  • Silence button with 'snooze alarm' setting.
  • Test button to check function.
  • Installation is easy. Just install 9V battery.
  • Low Battery alarm. If the battery runs low, the Power Fail Alarm beeps and flashes to let you know.
  • Bright flashing beacon LED. Bright enough to be visible in daylight.
  • Rugged weatherproof box.


The wall mount power fail alarms continuously monitor AC power outlets and if there is an interruption, the LED flashes and a 103dB beeping alarm sounds to let you know. The alarm can be silenced by pushing the green button. A selectable 'snooze alarm' feature will cause the alarm to come back every 30 minutes until power is good. Will alarm for 50 hours straight with the supplied Lithium battery.

Simple installation, just snap in the (included) long-life lithium battery. After that you are protected for the next 10 years.

Very loud beeping audio buzzer - 103dB at 2 ft willnever be missed even in noisy factories.

Extremely low power consumption allows the lithium battery (incuded) to last up to 10 years**. After that time,if battery power is low due to excessive alarming time, a low-battery warning alarm sounds for many weeks. 
more about battery power

Flexible logic so it can detect millisecond blips, (useful for computer equipment) or only report power outages longer than 10 seconds. Optionall mode for a 15-minute delay for either the audible alarm or auxilliary output.

Auxiliary output can trigger an autodialer, wireless transmitter, or other remote devices. Can either supply 9VDC or provide a contact closure for 5 seconds. Output can repeat every 30 minutes if desired.

Can monitor an additional input: when a circuit switches to 'open', this will also trigger an alarm. Can be used as a burgler alarm.

Weatherproof box with wall mount lugs allows use with your own cord. for voltages up to 250VAC or different plug configurations. Optional Europlug. Note: this does not have the 'plug detection' feature like the model PFA-1

Models Available
PFA-5 (120VAC) comes with a NEMA 5-15 plug and 10 foot rubber SJOOW cord.

PFA-6 (250VAC) is suitable for voltages from 200-250VAC. Comes with 10 foot (3m) rubber jacketedSJOOW cord and choice of plug. (Euro, UK, Australia/NZ, NEMA 6-15).

  • Power consumption (idle): 11 micro-amps
  • Power consumption (alarm): 55 mA
  • Voltage ranget: 85-250VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Piezo buzzer volume: 103 dB at 2 feet
  • Piezo buzzer diaphragm: stainless steel
  • Operating temperature: 40C to 65C
  • Box size: 4 x 4 x 2 inch (100x100x50mm)
  • Box material: PVC
  • Output current: 9VDC
  • Output contact closure: 24V - 50mA maximum

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