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In designing the roof structure from fiberglass plastic the most important thing was to decrease the roof weight as much as possible, so it withstood all loads according to requirements set forth in construction regulations. Such roof does not require any maintenance and is resistant to atmosphere, UV and chemical impacts.

  1. It allows covering roofs of 5-40 meters in diameter.
  2. The structure consists of the following three basic elements: rigidity profiles, roofing sheets and a supporting ring. The sheets can be sealed to standard I shape profiles (160x80, 200x100, 240x120, 300x150 mm) and rectangular profiles of any dimensions.
  3. Varied application of the structure: only sheets which completely match the dimensions of your existing structure (metal or even timber) can be manufactured.
  4. If the existing structure is no longer usable, we will suggest how to replace the roof structure even in cases, when specifications do not allow replacing old fixing joints or the use of new joints is very limited.
  5. The entire roof structure can be hermetic (condensate accumulated on the internal side of the structure remains inside) or even withstand certain pressure.
  6. Diameter of a roof with a round self-supporting structure can be from 200 mm to 16000 mm without a central column or 40000 mm with a central column. Cover segments are produced 2-5mm in thickness.
  7. For the roof to withstand snow cover of 2000 N/m² or bigger, each roof is designed and calculated separately. Edge system is used to ensure rigidity of the structure.

In order to select a proper roof structure for a tank, materials are evaluated for resistance, tests are carried out and the following conditions and factors are considered:

  • The environment a product will be used: aggressive or non- aggressive
  • Temperature changes influencing linear expansion of roof elements
  • Inside and outside conditions
  • Whether it is a self-supporting structure
  • Heated or not heated medium inside
  • Temporary and permanent loads

A fiberglass plastic composite roof can be mounted both by GreenWorks Industry UAB and any other mounting company following given assembly drawings.

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