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Glass-Trac Tubular Glass Gages are available in any length desired and can be fitted with Type 1T or 2T Gage Valves. These gages provide 360º visibility of the liquid level through strong, clear glass. Tubular glass is used in three types: Red Line, High Pressure and Heavy Wall. Pressure ratings are different for each type and also depend upon glass length. If glass breakage occurs, a stainless steel ball check shuts off each valve. Glass tubes should be cut 1½” shorter than valve center-to-center. The resulting visible glass length is 5” less than the valve center-to-center.

Red Line glass provides a bright crimson stripe against a narrow white strip throughout the length of the tube. Liquid levels are easy to see against this special optical effect. The glass is heat-resistant and ends are fire polished. Red Line is available in both ⅝” and ¾” O.D.

High Pressure glass is a versatile, medium-strong type of tube used in many applications. It is crystal clear and ends are fire polished.

Heavy Wall glass has the highest pressure rating of all tubular glass. It is extremely clear, corrosion resistant, will not scratch easily and is extra resistant to heat shock. Ends are ground. Four carbon steel guard rods and two guard rod rings are used to protect tubular glass gages. The rods are anchored in each ring which is fastened to the valve behind the union nut. Rods should be cut 1¾” shorter than valve center-to-center. A transparent plastic sheath also is available to clamp around the glass tube. Sheath length should be 4 ⅜” shorter than valve center-to-center. Also available is an expanded metal gage glass protector for additional protection of the glass. Specify gage valve center-to-center for proper sizing of this assembly.

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