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- Model TDS805 - Cavitation Scrubbing System



Global Advantech’s cavitation scrubbing systems are designed to maximise generation of hydrodynamic cavitation using water pumped at high pressure. Applications for cavitation scrubbing systems:  Soil washing to separate and recover hydrocarbons from heavily contaminated soil and sand, e.g. at old oil refineries and storage depots, engineering works, former gasworks, after a crude oil spill offshore.  Cleaning and recovering base oil from exploration/production well drill cuttings separated from oil-based drilling muds.  Separation of fine particulates from aggregates in clay extraction.

Cavitation is a physical phenomenon, it occurs when flowing water or another liquid is subjected to rapid changes of pressure. Vapour bubbles form in lower pressure regions of the water/liquid, when these vapour bubbles enter regions of higher pressure, they collapse. These collapses release significant amounts of trapped energy and produce shock waves, which exert localised pressures reaching 9.65Mbar. The collapsing vapour bubbles also generate high velocity micro-jets of liquid (up to 3,000m/s), which impinge against hard particulates and surfaces in the immediate vicinity. In many situations cavitation can be highly destructive, damaging ships’ propellers, pumps, valves, pipes, etc. However, cavitation scrubbing systems harness these energy releases and shock waves to efficiently separate hydrocarbons and fine particulates from larger solids.

Global Advantech’s cavitation scrubbing systems contain a number of innovative design features and benefits to ensure effective and continuous operation:

  • Multiple cavitation stages in series to ensure complete removal of heavy hydrocarbons, bitumen and tars from solids.
  • Multiple oil/hydrocarbon recovery stages.
  • Water/process solution treatment plant to remove suspended solids, heavy metals and dissolved/emulsified hydrocarbons, etc. This enables the water/process solution to be continually recycled through the system. Global Advantech uses electrocoagulation systems in its water treatment plant. (See technology data sheet TDS801.)
  • Sub-systems to drain and dry cleaned solids and recycle collected water/process solution residues.
  • Chemical formulations available for pre-treatment of solid materials and to make up the process solutions. These formulations improve the rate of removal of heavy hydrocarbons, carbonised oils, etc. from contaminated materials.
  • Mobile cavitation scrubbing systems available built into standard ISO-sized containers with integral bunds to prevent accidental release of process solution to the local environment.
  • Water and air jet pumps available for loading cavitation systems directly from stock piles or the bottoms of storage tanks, interceptors, etc., a distance away from the system.
  • The schematic diagram for one of Global Advantech’s cavitation scrubbing systems used for soil washing or hydrocarbon recovery from sludges is given below.

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