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We develop water treatment solutions without the use of chemicals, for various applications. Water desinfection and potabilization: - Drinking fountains; - Rainwater harvesting; - Swimming Pools Water Treatment; - Treatment and disinfection of water reservoirs and tanks; - Water disinfection and potabilization. Ozone solutions for the agricultural, livestock and food sectors: - 'CIP - Clean-in-place' for the food industry; - Food disinfection; - Hydroponics; - Livestock Watering; - Milk tanks washing water disinfection. Ozone solutions for industries and others: - Colour removal of dyeing industry wastewater; - Decrease in BOD5, COD, TSS and others in wastewater; - Heat exchangers and cooling towers; - Lakes, ponds and fountains water treatment; - Uranium mines water and sludge treatment. Ozone solutions for removing odours: - Removing wastewater odours.

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