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Wastewaters from the food and beverage industry, the pulp & paper industry and the chemical industry are highly loaded with organic pollutants and can be treated advantageously by means of anaerobic processes.

Varying wastewater components and the wide range of possible COD concentrations, however, require the use of different anaerobic reactor types, each adapted to the specific situation. The present range of reactors offered by GWE comprises the following types:

ANUBIX™ – B Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Bed (UASB) System

The high rate system, the ANUBIX™ – B is used for low to medium-strength wastewaters that are low in solids and FOG, which promote good sludge growth in an UASB. The ANUBIX™ – B can utilize both granular and flocculent biomass, giving it the most flexibility of the UASB reactor configurations.

ANUBIX™ – T Expanded Granular Sludge Bed (EGSB) System

The ultrahigh rate system, the ANUBIX™ – T is used for medium-strength wastewaters with easily-degradable organic matters, which promote excellent sludge growth in an Expanded Granular Sludge Bed (EGSB) configuration. The ANUBIX™ – T is exclusively a granular-sludge form of anaerobic technology.

In contrast to the conventional UASB reactor ANUBIX™ – CES system, with a built-in three-phase separator at the top of the reactor which diverts the biogas and retains solids, in this reactor, sludge separation is performed externally in a special lamella type separator, the GWE SUPERSEP™ – CF. The effluent of the sludge separator flows by gravity into any post-treatment that might be required.

ANAMIX™ a Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactor (CSTR) Anaerobic Digester

The ANAMIX™ reactor is a continuously stirred (CSTR), long residence time digester for very high strength or high-solids wastewaters and slurries. It is available in both mesophilic and thermophilic (ANAMIX™ – M/T) configurations, the choice of which is made based on wastewater characteristics. Mixing can be performed with various devices, depending on the type of wastewater or waste treated, but is most typically done with a large top-entry mixer or via external pump mixing.

The ANAFIX™ reactor is an ‘anaerobic filter’ type of anaerobic system containing floating biomass carrier material to enhance biomass concentrations and retain biomass within the reactor. It is typically utilized for wastewaters from the fermentation industry, the chemical industry, and some types of dairies, where suboptimal conditions prevail that promote poor-settling biomass with very low growth rates.


The FLOTAMET™ system is a unique GWE technology, consisting of a fully-mixed ANAMIX™ reactor, followed by our SUPERFLOT™ – AIR or – BIOGAS (DBF) technology for solids/liquid separation by flotation, to capture and retain high biomass concentrations within the system. It is typically used for wastewaters that are rich in FOG, salts and/or fibers.

The COvered High- Rate Anaerobic Lagoon or COHRAL™ is a modified anaerobic lagoon-type process but is equipped with several design features to enhance treatment performance beyond that of a traditional anaerobic lagoon. Features like expanded reaction zones, external solids/liquid separation ensure superior treatment performance and high-quality effluent from a simple treatment process.

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