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- Model 320 - Gravity Fed Pressure Pump


Our Glockemann 320 is a gravity fed pressure pump, used to pump water from a flowing stream up to a storage tank.  As a hydraulic ram pump it works by harnessing the water’s energy and gravity as it flows downhill into the pump, to produce pressure that forces the water into the delivery pipe.  It does not require any other power sources such as electricity or diesel. The stand alone pump can push water up to 200 metres uphill (the delivery head) to a collection tank or across land for several kilometres.

For the pump to work properly the stream must have a vertical drop, or fall, of no less than 60 cms and no more than 1.8 metres, a natural flow rate of between 4.5 and eight litres a second. (If necessary the fall can be created with a dam or weir.) However, the pump will deliver low volumes of water where the fall is as low as 30 cms – a much smaller fall than most pumps need – and flow rates down to 1.5 litres a second, making it an option in flatter terrain.

As an example, a pump installed with a 1.2 metre drop in a 150 mm drive pipe and a delivery head of 75 metres to the water tank would give an output of around 4500 litres a day. Output can be increased by simply adding more pumps to the delivery line. So in this example, three pumps would supply 13,500 litres a day. Up to five pumps have been linked successfully.

The pump body contains two sections – the “engine room” at the front and the pumping end at the rear, connected by a rubber diaphragm. Water flows down the drive pipe into the front chamber until it fills, pushing the exhaust valve closed (the “ram” hammer effect). The pressure causes the diaphragm to push a large spring connected to a piston, forcing water up the delivery pipe.  The pump can be transported in two sections, so can be carried on a flight as personal baggage.

The pump is 50 cm long, 40 cm wide, 53 cm high and weighs 52 kgs when fully assembled.

For details of the pump, its components and its functions watch introduction video and instructional video and see our user guides.

Use our Performance Statistics Calculator and downloadable Performance Statistics Table to assess the potential output at your site.

Versatile and flexible

We configure each Glockemann 320 pump to maximise the daily output from the user’s site, after which it can be adjusted easily to suit flow changes, or relocated as needed.  Excess water can be directed to other uses. The  pump can also be ‘throttled’ back to pump less or no water.

An easily interchangeable piston bore allows the user to select the correct pumping force for the site i.e. a small ‘bore’ for high delivery heads, a large ‘bore’ for low delivery heads. A choice of seven bore sizes allows a specific pumping solution to be designed as needed. Many other hydraulic ram pumps do not have piston bores, so lack this flexibility.

The pump can be positioned virtually anywhere in or near a stream by using 100 mm or 150 mm PVC drive pipes with PVC elbows (instead of the long straight metal drive pipes that are commonly used). The pump does not need to be concreted into position, so can be easily shifted if the stream flow alters.

Use our two performance calculators to estimate (1) the water flow (volume of water in the piston bore) and (2) the likely output for your own site, for each drive pipe and bore gauge.

Strong, durable and reliable – designed to last a lifetime

The Glockemann 320 delivers superior quality in all aspects of its design, construction and function. It is manufactured from cast iron with high grade stainless steel bores, springs and fittings, and its few moving parts are all mounted on long lasting, hard wearing rubber.  The result is no metal to metal action at all, almost no wear, and minimal need for maintenance.

The pump is designed to give many years of trouble free service. It will operate continuously and reliably, requiring very little attention other than periodic minor maintenance. Under normal circumstances it will only be necessary to replace the leather piston cup (a 10 minute job) every one to two years and the diaphragm every three to  five years, depending on the operating conditions.  Some pumps are known to be working well after decades of operation.

Our ten year warranty provides repairs or replacement, except for these piston cups and diaphragms.


Although a hydraulic ram pump, the Glockemann 320 has no metal-on-metal action.  Consequently it is whisper quiet without the banging or loud mechanical noises of many such water hammer pumps. Stand alongside, listen carefully, and all you will hear is the soft swish of water being expelled from the pump as the Glockemann works away steadily for you.

Affordable and cost-effective

Our water powered pump uses only the energy of the water flowing in from above to deliver a continuous output, with no running costs and only the periodic cup and diaphragm replacement.

If you take the total cost of the pump over the first ten years, being the purchase price for a new pump and routine replacement parts, the average cost per year is only AUD $230, making it a smart investment. Over the next ten years, the parts replacement costs would average about AUD$25 a year. (Estimates assume normal operating conditions and 2017 retail prices and exclude freight and postage). Any refurbishment such as repainting would be simple and low-cost too.  As our table shows, these annual operating costs compare very favourably with other pump types..

To buy a Glockemann water pump

First assess the amount of water you need to use and store, if your position has sufficient drop to operate our gravity fed pump (ideally 0.6 to 1.8 metres), and whether you want to operate the pump in the water or outside it.  Then complete our enquiry form on the contacts page with the required statistics and send it to us so that we can assemble a pump to meet your specific needs.  For larger volumes we may recommend two or more pumps to be linked together.

Before purchasing a Glockemann water pump:

  • Watch our video with its detailed overview.
  • Read and understand the Glockemann Pump–Performance Statistics. Understanding these is essential to get the pump to work properly.
  • Complete our inquiry form – we need these measurements to build a pump with the right bore to suit your application.

Performance statistics

Use these tables to calculate the output volume for your delivery head (height from pump to collection tank) that would be delivered by drive tubes with 100 mm or 150 mm diameter used in conjunction with one of our seven sizes of bore.

The Glockemann Pump can be thought of as a major variant of the 200 year old “Hydraulic Ram”.

The “Hydraulic Ram” uses the water hammer principle ─ that bang you sometimes hear when a tap is quickly shut. This ‘bang’ is a high pressure pulse that can be made to pump water.

Think of the Hydraulic Ram as a car stuck in one gear. Due to this limitation it has to have a high ‘drop’ or difference in water level in the river to operate, otherwise it will stall or the ‘clutch’ will wear out.

The Glockemann hydraulic ram pump is like a car that finally has a gearbox and therefore can go up a steep hill.

By selecting the right size piston (small diameter for ‘Low’ gear) it can pump to a high ‘head’ with a small ‘drop’.

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