Absolute Aeration, LLC

- Fine Bubble Impingement Aeration System


The Gold Frog (GF) utilizes a patented fine bubble impingement aeration system. The impingement aeration system is used for clarification due to its unique ability to oxidize soluble BOD, lower the specific gravity of surface water, sink insoluble BOD, and digest organic sludge in situ. The Gold Frog System requires an engineered float depth of 4 feet.

  • Base Unit with Impingement Aeration
  • 10 HP Turbo-Float Pump
  • Clarifies surface water before discharged
  • Sinks solids for anaerobic digestion
  • Rapidly oxides soluble BOD
  • Lowers the specific gravity of surface water to .97
  • Sinks insoluble BOD four times faster
  • Ruptures sludge cells

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