- Model BC - Tipping Skip



For flat products. Automatic release. Open side facilitates stacking products (perfect for flattened boxes).

  • Capacity: 1150 to 2000 dm3.
  • Bin: 2mm sheet metal with reinforcements.
  • Bin bottom slopes backwards 2° improving content stability.
  • Safety latch for transport (disengage before tipping).
  • Rubber bumpers dampen end of tipping process.
  • Automatically unlocks and tips on contact (anti-slip device). Lever for manual tipping.
  • Relocks when front strikes skip truck or compactor.
  • Fork pockets can be modified on request. 5mm sheet metal. Aperture: 170 x 70mm. Spacing: see F in table.
  • Pedestal-mounted models can be used with pallet trucks (between fork pockets).
  • Castor-mounted models (forward motion) have 2 fixed + 2 pivoting Ø150mm alu/polyurethane castors and a handrail.
  • Safety chain included.
  • Available options include: front door, tarpaulin and bungees.

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