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Gradko - Sulphur Dioxide Rapid Air Monitor


Gradko’s new range of Rapid Air Monitors (RAMs) brings together the ease of passive sampling with the added advantage of very short monitoring periods.

With sampling times from as little as 1 hour for high concentration areas, the Sulphur Dioxide Rapid Air Monitor solves the requirement for fast results for inorganic compounds, previously only suitable for long-term monitoring with diffusion tubes. The rapid sampling times allow you to identify hazardous air pollutants even if you only have limited site access.

Currently available for Nitrogen Dioxide, Ammonia and Sulphur Dioxide sampling.

Sources of Sulphur dioxide:

  • Power plants
  • Volcanoes
  • Fires, domestic and natural
  • Paper production
  • Industrial sights eg. metal extraction works

 Potential implications of Sulphur dioxide pollution:

 Harmful to plants – reduced crop yields.

  • Involved in acid rain formation – damage to buildings, forests.
  • Adverse effects on the respiratory system.

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