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Grain temperature monitoring is the only effective method to ensure your commodity is stored under optimal conditions by detecting “hot spots” caused by grain respiration, moisture, insect infestation, mold or fungus. Temperature probes hung inside the silo can register these “hot spots” and alert the operator to take action to avoid loss of quality and commercial value, or even spoilage. Considering the commercial value of the commodity stored inside silos, a temperature monitoring system is an investment worth making.

Grain-Watch® temperature cables are made from durable steel conduit cable and fitted with top-quality digital sensors using innovative 1-wire technology. This allows for ultra-thin, yet strong temperature cables (diameter: 9.8 mm), significantly reducing the roof load. The sensors are calibrated for life, no sensor calibration or maintenance is needed – ever. Standard sensor spacing is 2m or 3m. Please see the reference table below.


  • Cable Ø: 9.8 mm
  • Lengths: 1 - 35 m
  • Number of sensors: ≤ 32
  • Sensor spacing: 2 m or 3 m (standard)
  • Tensile strength: ≤ 2.5 t
  • Roof load during filling/emptying: 25 kg/m


  • Cable Ø: 17.0 mm
  • Lengths: 1 - 100 m
  • Number of sensors: ≤ 32
  • Sensor spacing: 2 m or 3 m (standard)
  • Tensile strength: ≤ 8 t
  • Roof load during filling/emptying: 50 kg/m

The Grain-Watch® temperature cables are hung into steel or concrete silos using the following process connection:

  • Well/floor mould (concrete silos)
  • Suspension loops (concrete silos or steel bins)
  • Pipe socket connection (steel bins)
Temperature cable placement

The amount and length of the temperature cables to efficiently monitor the grain temperature depends on the silo bin dimensions (diameter, eaves height, total height). Many silo manufacturers provide brackets for temperature cables in fixed positions in their roof assembly. Other customers prefer an individual setup. We are happy to cater to both. Our project managers use our flexible dimensioning software to make sure you get optimal coverage.

Accurate grain temperature monitoring in big silo bins requires a several temperature cables. As a rule of thumb, one cable monitors a radius of 3 meters.

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