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- Model 2700 - Heavy-Duty Auger Bearing Mounts


 The middle auger bearing mounts are heavy-duty to support the weight of the auger and the material moving through during operation. Auger bearing mounts are a single leg bearing support.


NEW! Lower Noise: Specially engineered airflow technology dramatically reduces the noise volume and pitch.

NEW! 'Locked in place' Rotor Assembly: Rotators come locked in the proper position from the factory. Rotor is held in place with a lock nut. When you have to replace the rotor or bearings there is no need to make adjustments to get the proper clearance between the rotor and the inlet plate. This design allows the rotor assembly to only be in one place.

NEW! Unique Auger Design: Fold and unfold adjacent to the bin. 10' discharge. 16' Clearance. Protected upper auger bearing.

NEW! Hassle Free Machined Fit: Hassle free machined fit between the rotary screen and rotor inlet plate. No more seals to replace between screen and fan.

NEW! Modular Directional Exhaust: Swivel action allows you to adjust the exhaust direction. Modular components - purchase optional components to adjust the direction & the length of the exhaust.

NEW! Rear Idler Assembly: Engineered for fewer moving parts and less maintenance.

NEW! High Flow Discharge: Single door allows for tighter air seal.

Capacity: Up to 6000 bushels per hour during full bun load out. Note: results may vary, particularly in clean up, where speed depends on the hose type and operating conditions. Hose configuration is important for optimising maximum capacity: use the stainless steel flex hoses and aluminum pipes first and the flexible rubber hose when necessary. Use the bin load out nozzle for full bin load-out and the floor sweep or vac nozzle for final clean up operations.

Rubber Torsion Axle: Reduce vibration during operation. Smoother towing at highway speeds.

Tachometer & Hour Meter: Monitor the hours the GrainVAC has operated and to ensure the PTO is running at the recommended speed.

Seed Quality: Independent tests by grain elevators indicate that the Rem GrainVAC causes less damage to valuable seed than conventional vacuum systems where high speed airlocks are used. In addition, the unique drum and exhaust design separates dust and foreign matter from the grain, thereby improving the quality of the material that you deliver.

Warranty: Rem Enterprises Inc. will guarantee each new 2700 GrainVAC to be free from factory defects in material and workmanship for two years from the date of delivery by the dealer to the original purchaser. Certain exclusions may apply. Details are included in the operators manual.

Health and Safety: The Rem GrainVAC gives you a dust free environment in the bin and eliminates dangerous open augers. The design provides safe access for servicing and part replacement. All aspects of the GrainVAC operation have been tested, inspected and safety approved.

Proven Design Means Low Maintenance: High Speed rotor bearings. High tech design of this machine naturally lends itself to low maintenance.

  1. Easily coupled/uncoupled to either the 2700 or 3700 Rem GrainVAC's
  2. 950kg SWL dust capacity for large volume operations
  3. Fully Patented pressure relief valve fitted for safe operation
  4. Our unique bag material ensures a steady flow-rate and sure-fire dust capture system that doesn't restrict the capacity of the GrainVAC attached
  5. Easily emptied using the remote controlled tipper pack through the top-hinged rear door
  6. Comes with a removable weather proofed travel cover
  7. Trailer is fully registerable Australia wide

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