Gravity Sewer Pipe



JM Eagle realizes the growing demand for an effective all-out attack on water pollution, highlighting the need for improved sanitary sewage collection systems. A modern system needs pipe with improved design for reserve strength and stiffness to increase load-bearing capacity - all within the framework of maximizing sewer system capacity at a resonable cost. JM Eagle's Ring-Tite PVC sewer pipe is designed to meet this need.


ASTM D3034

  • SDR 35 and SDR 26
  • Ring-Tite Joints 4' - 15'


  • PS46 and PS115
  • Ring-Tite Joints 18' - 36'

Long Laying Lengths
The standard laying lengths of Ring-Tite PVC Sewer Pipe are 14 and/or 20 feet. This means that more ground can be covered during installation while eliminating the cost of unnecessary joints.

JM Eagle’s Ring-Tite PVC sewer pipe is suitable for conveying domestic sanitary sewage as well as certain industrial wastes. For further information regarding the suitability of PVC for conveying various chemicals.


This pipe is tested in accordance with the provisions of ASTM D3034 and ASTM F679 and subject to inspection by our quality control inspectors throughout every step of the manufacturing process.

JM Eagle’s Quality Management System is ISO 9001: 2000 registered.

Corrosion Resistance
JM Eagle’s Ring-Tite PVC sewer pipe is unaffected by the fluids found in ordinary domestic sewage. It is immune to sewer gases and the sulfuric acid generated by the completion of the hydrogen sulfide cycle. It is also immune to corrosive soils—both alkaline or acidic.

Abrasion Resistance
JM Eagle’s Ring-Tite PVC sewer pipe has excellent resistance to abrasion, gouging and scouring, superior to that of most common piping materials.

Flow Capacity
This PVC sewer pipe’s long laying lengths, smooth interior, and factory-made close tolerance joints, provides a Manning “N” coefficient of .009. High-carrying capacity makes the use of flatter grades or smaller diameter pipe possible.

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