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- Remote Access to GrayWolf Data Collection Meters



Measurements may be logged on the meter and to the cloud. Review data on smartphones, iPads, Droids, PCs or any webenabled device. Attached notes (audio, text, photos, etc.) may also be reviewed. Data may be displayed as graphs, gauges and/or tables. Remotely initiate and/or adjust log intervals, modify attached notes, change alert levels and more. Download logged readings via WiFi to GrayWolf’s WolfSense® PC data transfer and reporting software. Or export as a .CSV file to any device.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Access instrument data from afar; whether viewing GrayWolf IAQ monitoring kits left for hours, days or weeks measuring key IAQ parameters, or even units that your test engineers are utilizing for walk-thru, spot check surveys. Logged readings and attached operator notes (audio, text, etc.) are all easy to get to.

Industrial Hygiene (IH)

The enhanced, GWLive-ALERTS version of GrayWolfLive enables text messaging to your smart phone and email to any internet accessible devices when toxic gas levels or other measured parameters exceed your defined levels. The alert message may be e-mailed or text messaged to multiple e-mail addresses or phone numbers.

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) & Facility Management (FM)

Monitor differential pressure over time and receive alerts when negative pressure conditions occur, or when set points for air velocity/%RH/temperature/dewpoint/ CO2/particulate (or other parameters on GrayWolf instruments) are exceeded in distant buildings or on another floor at your own location.

Green Buildings

Remotely monitor relevant parameters for ongoing maintenance of LEED, ARC, WELL or other green guidelines/ standards. Also, monitor GrayWolf systems deployed in buildings for preoccupancy credits toward LEED/WELL and other certifications to determine when concentrations of TVOC, HCHO, CO, PM2.5, PM10, O3 or other parameters fall below target values. Reports can be generated and any additional air sampling that is determined necessary may be initiated.

Ambient Air

Leave GrayWolf meters outside for short-term tests and check them remotely when monitoring burn pits, process release plumes or other potential pollutant events. Also, access outdoor measurements in real-time to compare against indoor measured levels.… and many other applications.

Device Requirements:

Any web-enabled device may access GrayWolfLive through a standard browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari). HTML 5 is required to playback Audio Notes.

Download Software:

WolfSense PC 4.00 or better to import from GrayWolfLive direct (and utilizeWolfSense PC andWolfSenseARG reporting capability). However, .CSV files may be exported to any device in lieu of being utilized withWolfSense PC software.

Cloud Storage Memory:

Note that logged measurement data is stored locally on the meter AND synced to the cloud for remote access, data sharing and security. Meter memory will vary. Cloud storage: 256 MB standard per account (at 1 minute intervals >9 years of data, but audio/photo/ video notes will reduce this significantly).


Devoting 10% of your GrayWolf Live storage to Audio and 50% to Photos (at approx. 2-4MB per photo), you could store ~200 minutes of audio, 32-64 pictures and log data at 1 minute intervals for ~3 years. Optional, added memory available (for expanded photo/video use).


2-4 KB/min (plus extra for Notes, Audio and Photos)

Internet Access:

An unlimited number of authorized users may access your (password protected) files simultaneously.

Email/TextAlerts (GWLive-ALERTS version only):

Send to 10 e-mail addresses and/or 5 phone numbers maximum (in some countries, the number of texts per month is restricted; contact GrayWolf for details).

GrayWolfLive Control Panel

The GWLive Control Panel automatically formats to fit the internet accessible device that you log in with (via your password protected account). Review info from GrayWolf instruments at one or multiple locations. Select LIVE READINGS to access the data that logs at roughly 1 minute intervals to the Cloud. View all tabular readings or Summary Data (e.g. last 8 hours, last 24 hours, last year). Display single Y graphs, or select “Multi-Y Graphs” or select “View Gauges” where “General”, “WELL/LEED” or user defined Gauges can be set up to display. DEVICES allows you to perform various functions on remote GrayWolf instruments, and to access data/notes logged onto the devices. Export lets you send data to GrayWolf’s WolfSense PC software for cut and paste reporting or for optional WolfSense ARG auto-report generation. Alternatively, export the data as a .CSV file to any device. ALERTS (if this option has been purchased), allows hi/low points to be assigned for text/email notification.

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