- Model X - Clears Pipelines, Prevents Buildup and Eliminates Odor Emulsifier



Grease-X gives you the power to keep your municipal wastewater systems clear of fats, oils and grease (FOG) using your own crews and equipment. Grease-X uses non-caustic, non-polluting emulsifiers plus nature’s own microorganisms to break down and digest FOG, along with other odor-causing organic wastes. That makes Grease-X an environmentally friendly solution for sewer system maintenance. And because it’s easy to apply using equipment you already have, Grease-X is economical as well.

Grease-X comes in four formulas:

  • Grease-X Emulsifier—Non-caustic, non-polluting formula penetrates and softens FOG to clear blocked lift lines.
  • Grease-X Jet—Fast-acting emulsifier specially formulated for your jetting equipment to open blocked pipelines.
  • Grease-X Biozyme—Highly concentrated microorganisms break down and digest FOG to keep pipelines clear.
  • Grease-X Biodeodorizer—Digests odor-causing wastes to eliminate pipeline odors at the source.

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