Saint Dizier Environnement

Saint Dizier Environnement

- Sludge Trap/Grease Interceptor



GReco is an dludge trap/grease interceptor made of polyethylene, complies with DIN EN 1825-1 with tilted bottom , answering class 1d implantation according P16-500-1 NF / NC .

  • Conformity: CE marking according to standard EN 1825-1

  • Durability: materials inert to grease

  • Handling: light apparatus, easy to manipulate

  • Decennial warranty via insurance supplemented by an Epers


Pretreatment apparatus intended to retain and accumulate plant or animal fat contained in household water.

  • High-density polyethylene tank

  • Tilted bottom

  • Resistance class according to NF P16-500-1/CN: 1d

  • Trap volume: 100 l x TN

  • Grease retention: 40 l x TN

  • Input and output connections by pipe

  • A15 cover screwed Ø 640 mm


The difference in density of the pollutants makes it possible to intercept undesirable products. The operation of the structure is guaranteed if the latter is correctly dimensioned and operated.

  • 500 mm riser made of polyethylene screwed onto the structure - RHPGRECO

  • Visual and audible grease alarm system - KAG02

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