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When you compare the compressed air consumption of an automatic blast machine having multiple guns arranged at many different angles for coverage of complex components with that of a single-nozzle Guyson robotic blast system that is capable of an infinite variety of gun positions, you may be pleasantly surprised at the significant energy savings that will be realized. Green objectives are often a determining factor in the purchase justifications for robotic blasting machines.

In many cases, a single robotic blast system can take the place of several separate automatic blasting or shot peening machines that were dedicated to processing a limited range of components – and out-produce them at the same time. The savings from such a wholesale reduction in the total number of blast nozzles by consolidated processing in a flexible robotic blasting machine include not only energy that will not be consumed, but also a solid reduction in the consumption of spare parts, media and maintenance.

You may reduce the carbon footprint of your operations in other ways, as well. A lean robotic blasting work cell can help you eliminate unnecessary movement of components between processing stations and streamline the flow of work, adding to the energy saved. If a multi-tasking robotic blasting installation enables you to perform work in-house that was formerly done by an outside supplier, you keep that value-adding activity close to home and cut wasteful spending on transportation, logistics and buffer inventories.

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