- Reversible Bush Cutters with Hydraulic Arm



When monted on excavator arms, they aresuitable for cleaning undergrowth and banks of rivers and canals.

Standard Features

  • Shock-proof device with retraction spring on the second arm.
  • Tank with oil.
  • Independent hydraulic system (55 l/min-180 bar).
  • 16 kW (22 HP) theoretic power to the rotor.
  • Cutting head self-levelling.
  • Remote control with teleflexible cables.
  • Belts drive.
  • Double direction of rotation of the rotor.
  • Rear roller ø140.
  • Group 2 engine and pump.
  • Safety protections.

Optional accessories

  • Heat exchanger with electric fan.
  • Screw turnbuckles.
  • Oleopneumatic accumulator.
  • Front mount.
  • Electric controls with joystick and distributor for simultaneous control of 2 movements.
  • Electric control of head motor.
  • Kit bumper with lights, .
  • Shredding head with 60, 80, 100 and 120 cm working width.
  • Hedge mowing bar 132 cm.
  • Cardan shaft.

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