Greenable Technology Group Inc.

- Model 2002 - Processing Plant


Introducing the Green Gator stand-alone, fully integrated, fully compatible and fully capable plastic processing and material re-purposing plants! There is no other technology in the world today that can process plastic waste the way our technology does... and that’s a benefit to all of us, and the planet.

Our secret sauce is in the functionality of the machines and in how we get the machines to do what they do – process all plastics – and turn it into reusable products for you and me.

The GreenGator 2002 is capable of processing over 1250 pounds of plastic waste per hour and can consume for re-purposing over 6.3 million pounds of plastic waste per year! 3-4 employees are needed to operate this plant.

Basic Plant Configuration: Two melt extruders, a single compounding extruder, and twin pumping extruders and carousels for product tooling.

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