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- Model 920E - Natural Turf



The Second Generation GreensGroomer raises the bar on performance and efficiency. The patent-pending design increases the effective surface area and improves brush angles which translates into significant performance gains. These changes force topdressing deeper into the canopy, creating a healthier turf system more quickly. The new design also improves the breakup of aeration cores without the need for an additional pass. The Second Generation design of the GreensGroomer puts it at the top of topdressing brushes. It delivers this increase in performance while delivering the same ease of use and a lower total cost of ownership.

The hallmark of this patented design are the precise brush dimensions and angles, which move sand in four directions for every four feet of forward movement. This allows for true one-pass performance, reducing turf stress while breaking down aeration cores, filling holes and controlling the grain.

Even the often overlooked design considerations are resident on the GreensGroomer — like perfect balance side to side and front to back. This balance allows for smooth brushing with no hopping. It won’t scuff, bruise, or damage turf. The electric actuator provides an infinite adjustment control, from wheels down transport to wheels up brushing. This unit makes a difference.

The Comparisons - Original & Second Generation...

An important result of the design change is the increased brush area, which translates into a greater distribution of the unit's weight and a reduction of weight per square inch. The weight reduction keeps the brushes in a straighter, upright position and improves the moving force of the brush head.

The GreensGroomer is an integral part of a total turf conditioning program and won’t scuff, bruise, or damage turf on greens, tees, or fairways. The GreensGroomer will effectively move both wet and dry topdressing, brush off heavy dew and grass clumps, and is equally balanced for smooth operation. The GreensGroomer also assists in controlling grain, promotes leaf healthiness and grass density, and can reduce the frequency of verticutting.

All measurements listed within the specifications are from the original design documents. Please confirm the accuracy of such measurements for your own benefit.

  • Main Frame: 2 inch square tube (11 gauge) with 1-1/2 inch (10 gauge) Square tube cross bars
  • Draw Bar: One piece 2” square tube
  • Length: 48 inches (84 inches overall including the draw-bar)
  • Width: 72 inches
  • Weight: 260 lbs.
  • Running Gear: 2 pneumatic tires (16 x 650-8) Ribbed 2-ply with Oil Impregnated Graf oil bushings
  • Electric Lift: 1000 lb. capacity Electric 12 volt linear actuator
  • Finish: Powder coat with 6-step pre-wash including de-greaser and anti-rust coating
  • Brushes: (16) Standard or Heavy Duty Synthetic Brushes
  • Bristles attached to polypropylene head - 4-12”; 8-18”; 4-41”
  • Brush Weight: 26 lbs. - Full Set Black or White
  • Shipping Crate: 75-1/2” x 53-3/4” x 29”
  • Crated Weight: 388 lbs.

Remove GreensGroomer from crate. Remove draw-bar and draw-bar packaging from the GreensGroomer frame. Attach the draw-bar to the GreensGroomer using the supplied hardware. The draw-bar is designed to be adjustable, do not fully tighten the two bolts at the frame of the GreensGroomer. Grease wheel bushings.

Attach the draw-bar to the hitch of the tow vehicle. (A gas powered vehicle is preferred) Lower the GreensGroomer completely to the ground: Attach electric actuator cable to 12 volt battery of tow vehicle and use toggle switch to lower. Loosen the lock nut on the carriage head bolt that holds the curved height adjustment piece in place. Assure that the brush is flat on the ground and tighten the nut. Your GreensGroomer is now ready for use.

The GreensGroomer is pulled onto the edge of the green in the transport mode. At this time, the operator lowers the brush by using the winch or electric actuator to “raise” the wheels. Raise the wheels with the electric actuator until the wheels are off the ground. Pull the brush at the appropriate speed to agitate the topdressing. Too slow or too fast results in sub standard brush action. Somewhere between 4 and 6 MPH provides the best results. When finished, raise the GreensGroomer and transport to the next green.

The GreensGroomer requires very little maintenance or upkeep. Always wash the brushes off after use. This assures any topdressing packed in the brushes does not cause them to take an incorrect “set”. Never store the GreensGroomer on the brushes, or again an incorrect “set” may occur. When not in use, set the GreensGroomer on the jack stand to prevent any weight from being placed upon the brushes. Wheel bushings should be greased at regular intervals. When greasing, wipe off excess grease to prevent grease from falling on the ground. Remember, the GreensGroomer sees a lot of sand during operation so it is important to keep the bushings greased. Tire pressure should be maintained at 15 lbs. If brushes should take a “set” or curve in one direction after extended use, simply reverse the draw-bar hitch by unbolting the draw-bar and height adjustment from the front of the unit and reattach them to the back of the unit.

Electric actuator is equipped with a manual override in case of actuator failure. For manual override, remove plug on the bottom of the actuator with 3/16 inch hex key. Use ¼ inch socket drive to raise and lower unit until actuator can be repaired or replaced.

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