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The Gremo 1050H is a reliable harvester ideal for thinning and final cutting. The new engine, strong as an ox, together with the big working pump produces sufficient hydraulic power for any imaginable situation. This means shorter working cycles and yet enough strength for operating in interaction the different functions. In other words: Better performance!

But, as you know, strength alone is not all. A harvester must also be flexible and safe to meet the requirements of forestry work. Therefore, we keep to our proven design with eight wheels. This ensures excellent forward movement and ideal load distribution also on rough and soft ground. (It is even possible to put tracks on all bogies).

The automatically actuated bogie locks are one of the secrets behind the outstanding lateral and longitudinal stability of the 1050H. Other assets are the low centre of gravity and the ideal load distribution in longitudinal direction. And owing to the bogielift a considerably smaller turning radius is achieved. Thus, our statement is justified: The 1050H is strong as an ox and nimble as a panther.

Let us suppose that profitability is your top priority. Then you should know that the 1050H is built with the objective of low cost and high performance under severe conditions. High engine power and above all high torque at working speed supply large hydraulic force even when processing difficult trees.

The 1050H features fully 220 HP and 949 Nm already at low 1400 r.p.m.. The flow rate allows for quite high feed rates at a low relaxing engine speed. We also know that service is important to be able to work without facing problems. Thus we dispose of a well established service network.

The design as such is service-friendly too.

Further ergonomics are an important factor. The ergonomics of the 1050H allow for high working performance even at the end of a long working day.

These factors altogether result in a reliable machine with higher profitability.

For your comfort the work place is ergonomically designed with all displays and controls within comfortable reach.

The air-cushioned electrically heated driver´s seat is released and locked by a light push of the button next to the righthand boom lever. The seat can be obtained with aeration, seat tilting or electrically/pneumatically adjusted side and seat cushion respectively.

The cab is fitted with a display for the bucking computer and the IQAN Experience control system. Other fittings are radio/CD player with 4 loudspeakers, rear mirror, first-aid kit, folding sun shade in front, cup holder, heating cabinet and paper holder.

Vehicle, Standard

  • Compressor, hose reel, airgun, ringpump
  • Loglift 181 V, 10 m reach
  • SP 561 LF root cut 60 cm
  • Tyre: Trelleborg 710x22,5 428 STEELBELT
  • Engaging and disengaging vehicle drive
  • Waist and bogie lock on all bogies with automatic engagement. Bogielift with separate operation for lefthand/righthand side.
  • Diesel fuel heater
  • Vacuum pump
  • Hydraulic ladder
  • Electrically operated hood
  • 2 tool compartments,special tools
  • Sprinkler plant, 2 fire extinguischer
  • Xenon lights incl. low side lights
  • Rear panel with blinkers/tail lights and 1 Xenon lighting
  • 24V socket at fuel tank
  • Tow hook front, tow rod rear
  • Road transport kit (LGF plate, lighting, rear mirrors)

Cabin, Standard

  • ECC air conditioning plant
  • 12V and 24V sockets in instrument panel
  • Safety panes 12 mm
  • Opening side window (emergency exit)
  • Intermittent wipers with paralell guidance front and rear, touch button for single wipe
  • Steering wheel
  • Radio/CD player, 4 loudspeakers
  • Air-cushioned, electrically heated driver´s seat, safety belt, nack rest
  • Seat swivelling with electrical brake
  • Mini levers
  • Rear mirror
  • Sunshade front
  • Prepared for telephone incl. Aerial
  • Cruise control
  • IQAN Experience with tripmeter, speedometer, alarm, fault detecting, 5 boom programmes. DASA 4 incl. operations follow-up
  • Food heater, bottle holder, paper holder


  • Loglift 181V, 11.1 m reach
  • Boom damper in Gremo application
  • Indexator slewing damper MPD single/double
  • SP 451 LF root cut 53 cm
  • 5-button mini levers
  • Tyres: 650/45x22.5 or 710/40x22.5
  • Lighting of tie rod
  • Data calliper
  • Colour marking
  • Side wipers
  • Surveillance camera with colour screen
  • Wear iron for bogie housings
  • Sun curtains
  • Seat tilting
  • Seat, aerated
  • Seat, electrically/pneumatically adjusting side and back cushions
  • Stump treatment 130 litres
  • Water separating fine filter
  • Tool boxes, 5 off extra
  • Caterpillar chains/anti-skid chains
  • GPS navigation incl. printer

Weight with basic equipment: 14 700 kg
Fuel tank: 330 Litres

Engine: Cummins, 6 cylinder, Turbo charger, Intercooler, Electronically governed injection.
Capacity (liters): 6,7
Torque (Nm) at rpm: 949/1400
Power output kW (HP) at rpm: 164(220)/2000
Other: Two separate, electronically adjustable constant-speeds automatically actuated, EC stage-3 approved.

Tractive force net: More than 12 tons.
Hydrostatic drive: Computer controlled capacity control. Tank completely separated from the working hydraulics. Synthetic oil.
Gearbox: Power-Shift 2-steps gearbox. 1th gear 0 -9,1 km/h, 2nd gear 2,0 - 25 km/h.
Gearwheel bogies: Cast iron, roller path bearing.
Differential locks: Separately controlled with 100 % locking.
Hub reduction: On every wheel.
Steering system: Servo-steering. Electrical proportional terrain steering in separate lever.
Steering torque (kNm): 42
Steering angle: +/- 43°
Brakes: Four oil-immersed multiple-disc brakes in front and rear differentials. Parking and emergency brake actuating all multiple-disc brakes and actuated automatically in neutral.
Other: Foot pedals for forward/backward and driving speed. Warning system with fault indication in plain text and acustic/optical signal. Fault tracing via computer.

Working hydraulics: Constant pressure/loadsensing system. Own tank completely separated from the hydrostatic hydraulics. Synthetic oil.
Pump (cc): 170 Variable, adjustable flow rate limitation via GreControl
Working pressure (MPa): 24
Other: Tanks with electrical re-filling device via filter. Thermostat controlled hydraulic fan for the cooling devices of hydrostat and working hydraulics.
Boom/Boom Control
Boom/Boom Control
Loglift (V): 181
Reach length (m): 10,0
Gross lifting torque (kNm): 138
Other: IQAN Experience. individual programme storage for 5 operators.

Voltage (V): 24
Lights: 16 st Xenon.
Generator / Battery: l75 / 2x750 (maintenance-free)
Other: Travel lights according to law.

Harvester Head/Measuring
Modell: SP 561 LF with maximum root pruning 60 cm.
Kvistningsdiameter (cm): 43 tip-tip
Roller motors (cc): Poclain 514, 560 alternatively 625
Other: The patented construction of the feed roller holder carries the trunk during processing. Automatic chain tensioner SC 100, auto-cut, loghold, quickcut, proportional pressure on pruning knifes and feed rollers adjusted by Dasa4. Dasa4 with large colour screen, loose keyboard and Canbus communication. Prepared for GPS, e-mail etc

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