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As a gypsum plasterboard or gypsum block manufacturer you can benefit from a stable, low cost source of high quality raw materials and further strengthen your environmental profile by co-operating with Gypsum Recycling International.

When cooperating with Gypsum Recycling International plasterboard and gypsum blocks manufacturers strengthen their environmental profile and benefit from a stable, low cost source of high quality raw materials. 

We will set up the entire recycling programme requiring demanding no investments from you and guarantee the quality of the recycled powder. We take care of everything. The only thing you as a plasterboard manufacturer have to do is to use the recycled gypsum powder.

Win-Win Situation

A co-operation with Gypsum Recycling International presents a win-win situation for the gypsum and plasterboard industry. The industry can leave gypsum waste recycling to us. Gypsum Recycling International is a specialist in gypsum waste collection and recycling and the first company to prove that recycling of all plasterboard waste is possible. 

Plasterboard plants using recycled gypsum experience the following advantages: 

  • Improved environmental profile and image
  • Access to an additional stable source of high quality materials 
  • Recycled materials at a price below that of virgin materials

Open Industry Solution

We proudly count all the Scandinavian and several European countries’ associations of plasterboard manufacturers as supporters of our system. Our recycling process is open to all gypsum waste no matter of the original manufacturer, the creation of the waste or the customer to the recycled material.

When the recycling system is established as an open industry solution the plasterboard manufacturers do not have to worry about the internal competitive situation regarding the a solution for the waste generated by their products. This is a clear advantage to the manufacturers and helps achieve the very high recycling rates being obtained in the countries where we operate.

The standard quality specification for the recycled gypsum powder is as follows:

  • Criteria : Demand
  • Cl (chlorid content) : < 0.02 % weight
  • PH : 7 < pH < 9
  • Free moisture : < 10 % weight
  • Purity (content of CaSO42H2O) : Max. 5 percentage points (weight) less than what has been supplied to the market area during the last 20 years
  • Particle size : Up to 13 mm
  • Smell : Odourless/neutral
  • MgO : < 0.10 % weight
  • Na2O : < 0.06 % weight

On request, customized quality specifications can be made for the powder. The standard particle size looks as depicted below. 70% of the powder has a size less than 1 mm.

The produced powder is very fine and extremely pure. Analytec has for example documented that GRI’s recycled powder is 99% as good as the original gypsum raw materials as the organic carbon in the powder is less then 1%. Download the lab report here. 

Acceptable waste even includes demolition gypsum waste containing nails, screws and various wall coverings. » Read more

100% recyclable

The recycling system from Gypsum Recycling International secures that gypsum and plasterboard waste becomes 100 pct. recyclable. The reprocessed powder, app. 90 pct. of the waste, is returned to the plasterboard manufacturer for producing new plasterboards. The paper with related contaminants, equal to 10 pct., can be used for composting, heat generation, building materials etc. Hereby the gypsum and plasterboard waste is recycled 100 pct. and nothing is landfilled.

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