- Low-Resistance Grout for Utility & Telecommunication Grounding



GROUNDING GROUT is a high-solids, single-component bentonite grout. GROUNDING GROUT is specially formulated to provide a conductive seal around grounding rods. When used to seal drilled boreholes in which vertical grounding rods are placed, GROUNDING GROUT increases the grounding system’s conductivity by lowering the resistivity from 300 ohms/meter with normal soil to 0.76 ohms/meter. GROUNDING GROUT adheres to the entire surface of the grounding rod, providing the smallest surface area and, consequently, offering the greatest effective resistance area. This helps to stabilize the ground resistance despite seasonal changes in temperature and soil moisture content.

GROUNDING GROUT is designed for use in grounding systems to assist engineers, electricians, and contractors in successfully solving more complex grounding problems. Virtually every industry that uses sensitive electronic or computer equipment can benefit from its use. GROUNDING GROUT’s decreased ohmic impedance provides a designed discharge path for objectionable currents and lightning. It also helps absorb damage-causing surges on power lines and is essential for protecting the operation of electronic process controls.

  • Assists in meeting NEC and OSHA electrical standards
  • Develops into a dense, paste-like clay, adhering to any surface, remaining stable over time
  • Easily compacted, non-corrosive, and conductive; no maintenance
  • Fewer grounding rods needed and less real estate required
  • Forms a contaminant-resistant seal without affecting adjacent groundwater chemistry
  • Superior ground broadens PCS, cellular, and radio transmission coverage

Mix GROUNDING GROUT with a paddle mixer or a mud rotary circulation system and pump with a positive displacement pump. Add one 50 lb (22.7 kg) bag of GROUNDING GROUT to 18 gallons (68 liters) of freshwater to produce 3.0 ft3 (85 liters) of grout at 25% solids. Pump through a tremie pipe from the bottom of the borehole to the surface.

50 lb (22.7 kg) bag, 48 per pallet. All pallets are plastic-wrapped.

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