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- Static Pipe Bursting System


The self-contained, hydraulically operated Grundoburst static Pipebursting procedure system makes bursting ductile iron and steel pipe possible. With such powerful capabilities, the Grundoburst is having a tremendous impact on the water and gas industries.

Pipe Bursting Capability

Burst and replace ductile iron and steel mains, along with all fracturable pipe materials with static bursting equipment.   

Static Pipe Bursting Overview
Pulled by a hydraulic bursting unit, the cutter head’s unique bladed cutting wheel design is an essential part of the Grundoburst’s success. The bladed wheels actually split the host pipe instead of ripping or tearing it like single fin-type static systems. The bladed wheel system is a very “clean” process that requires less power than other static systems and helps prevent potential damage to the product pipe. An attached expander spreads and displaces the split pipe into the surrounding soil while simultaneously pulling in the new pipe.

  • Burst and replace pipe substantial lengths of existing pipe in one step
  • Grundoburst Quicklock rods save time, increase safety and reduce cutting head wear
  • Minimal disruption to traffic, buildings and other utilities
  • Avoids sizable surface damage and costly restoration required for old trenching methods
  • Accelerated project completion timeline
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Minimal crew size

  • The Grundoburst static pipe bursting system is extremely versatile. There are eight models available ranging in pullback force from 60,000 lbs. to 650,000 lbs. Grundoburst models are designed for bursting 4-inch (101-mm) through 48-inch (1,219-mm) pipes and larger.
  • Patented Quicklock bursting rods are linked together not threaded. This saves time, prevents twisting and extends the life of the cutter head over threaded bursting rods
  • In addition to steel pipe, several cutter head configurations are available for splitting VCP, PVC, ACP, cast iron and more.
  • Grundoburst can pull in a variety of replacement pipe, including polyethylene, PVC, and ductile iron.

Choose Your Pipe

The Grundoburst system is able to utilize a wide variety of product pipes. In addition HDPE, the Grundoburst system is capable installing segmented or section pipes like ductile iron and VCP as well as fusible PVC and more.

Sectional Pipes & Cartridge Method

Segmented pipe is assembled one joint at a time in a “cartridge loading” process. Because of similarities between a rifle cartridge providing bullets to the rifle chamber and the segmented pipes being lowered and assembled in the launch pit. It is well suited for locations where available space for pipe lay down is not available.

How it Works: Restrained Joint

Both restrained joint and non-restrained joint pipes can be used. Each type requires a different approach. Installing sectional pipes with restrained joints requires a specific bursting head to connect to the product pipe and then to the static pipe bursting tooling. Nothing additional is required. Subsequent sections of the restrained joint pipe are assembled during the bursting process as the pipe string progresses.

How it Works: Non-Restrained Joint

Sectional pipe with non-restrained joints, however, requires a little different approach. Because the joints are not restrained, something needs to hold to push them together and then hold the assembled pipe sections in compression as they are installed. Quicklock style bursting rods and a specially designed cylinder pack provide the solution. As a new section of pipe is added to the pipe string, the cylinder pack (squeezer) and pressure plate push and hold the pipe joints together while the bursting head is pulled forward through the old pipe. Once that section of pipe is installed, the bursting process stops, the cylinder pack and pressure plate are withdrawn and the process repeats.

Common Pipe Materials
  • Fusion Welded HDPE AWWA C-906
  • Fusion Welded PVC AWWA C-900 & C-905
  • Restrained Joint Ductile Iron Pipe AWWA C-150
  • Non-Restrained Joint Ductile Iron Pipe  AWWA C-150
  • VCP “NO-DIG” Jacking Pipe
  • Restrained Joint PVC pipe AWWA C-900 and C-905
  • Steel
  • ABS
  • Cast Iron No Hub Soil Pipe
  • Cast Iron Bell & Spigot Soil Pipe

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