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Model GTS26 2 - Stroke Petrol Brushcutter


It might not be immediately obvious why you would need a brushcutter, especially if you already have a lawnmower. Imagine, however, how your garden feels; sure, you do a decent job of keeping the grass mown, but a lawnmower is often too unwieldy and imprecise to reach every part of your lawn, meaning that edges, borders and undergrowth are left uncut and untidy. For a happier, tidier, prettier garden, however, having a brushcutter to hand is definitely handy, and Sanli’s GTS26 does a brilliant job of combining power, efficiency and versatility in a single user friendly unit.

A petrol brushcutter driven by a 25.4cc two-stroke full crank petrol engine, the GTS26 is much more powerful than most comparable battery powered machines, producing up to 750 watts at 7,000 RPM. Nor is the GTS26 confined by a power cord like many electric trimmers, meaning that you can access even the furthest reaches of your garden without any trouble. Moreover, the GTS26 has been specifically designed to reduce the noise and vibrations produced by the engine, so the power it supplies does not come at the expense of your comfort.


The versatility of the GTS26 lies in its dual cutting system. For clearing grass and nettles, the GTS26 is fitted with a dual nylon line cutting head with a working width of 43cm and a bump feed system to make it easy to advance the cutting line as you work. However, for thicker areas of scrub and bush, such as overgrown patches of brambles and weeds, the GTS26 also features a tough three-tooth metal blade, more than capable of taking on vegetation at which less well equipped grass trimmers would baulk.


The GTS26 is also surprisingly easy to use, with a lightweight construction (only 5.1kg) and a comfortable loop-grip handle making it comfortable to operate even over extended periods, while an integrated thigh bar provides valuable added protection. And finally, as an added bonus, a double shoulder harness is supplied as standard, making Sanli’s GTS26 an even more convenient way of achieving a truly pristine finish in your garden.

  • Powered by a potent yet light 25.4cc two-stroke full crank petrol engine, featuring a centrifugal clutch and delivering a maximum of 750 watts at 7,000 RPM
  • Low noise and vibration levels help ensure comfort during extended periods of use
  • Built with a high-grip loop handle featuring a protective thigh bar to offer superb convenience and added safety
  • Dual nylon cutting line with a 43cm cutting width for efficient clearance of grass and nettles, featuring an easy to use bump feed cutting head for quick line advancement
  • Also featuring a three-tooth metal blade option for cutting heavier scrub material
  • Featuring a lightweight design (5.1kg) and supplied as standard with double shoulder harness to ensure ease of use

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